The Vanilla Community

The Vanilla Community

During the past six months we have become closer to our customers. Most businesses have gone home, some went back and we've gone into homes and offices and helped in both. We want to make sure your internet works well, and we cater for discerning clients.  In the past few months of lockdown we have tried to better understand ourselves, the way we work and the levels of personalisation that we add.

We don't advertise, we help customers one at a time, and they refer others. We don't accept poor service from our suppliers. We try to make things work well for everyone, we go to those in our sweet spot, and we do work remotely. We monitor our services all the time. We also test products, because we have to make the internet work everywhere. And we are discerning. We also like cool things that work well.

So, we're constantly innovating and learning. Not only to ensure that our network stays reliable and robust, but also to provide better cleaner and neater services and products. one of our latest products is the Vanilla Xbike. This was selected by our CEO who loves bikes and spent years selecting the best Electric Vehicle (EV) available.  One can argue that's a Tesla, but we are realistic and we can't bring in. Teslas :) We can bring in bikes and we did bring in a couple and they are awesome fun and a robust build.

We do believe that during these times when socialising is less than ideal, an xbike is the perfect toy to keep you entertained and healthy. Well, although some will say this is cheating at cardio, we believe this builds an excellent core and at least noone can argue the mental health benefits :)

The Romainians are doing amazing things with Sur Ron

We've also selected the following from many thousands YouTube videos about this bike.  There are endless help tutorials on how to use, maintain and pimp this bike!

We do believe that in 2020, this is the most sold and manufactured bike in the world

So, we are working closely with the factory in China to get these into South Africa. Due to very high demand there have been many delays and costs. They are coming soon!