We've been learning the basics at Vanilla, while trying the first stage of selling... door to door. It's defined; "Door-to-door is a sales technique in which a salesperson walks from the door of one house to the door of another trying to sell a product or service to the general public. People who use this sales approach are often called traveling salesmen, or the archaic name drummer, to "drum up" business."

Swap houses for multistory buildings and businesses in the CBD and you've got the Vanilla sales strategy! It helps that fast Internet is now considered a necessity and an investment for the future, so we're glad to be able to honestly say that we can give the best.

This also means the streets of Cape Town become our office for the day!

Getting the thumbs up as we go...

Passing fascinating Cape Town architecture...

And the famous Yogis barbershop we frequent

Trying to capture the view from one of our buildings

Alan strolling past some street art

And a few more buildings on the way...

Til we finally stop to get some coffee!