"Vanilla provide a hardware and systems procurement service for all our clients. We spend a few million rand per year on computers and associated hardware and software. We are dealers with many wholesale distributors around South Africa. After working with Frontosa for more than a decade - who we have always respected to have great computer build skills - we are shocked at the recent decision not to accept return on an ""Asus Universal Docking station"". The docking station was bought a few days after a new Asus Zenbook was purchased as the way to connect the notebook to ethernet cable and external monitor.

It turns out that although we were advised that this would work with the notebook, it was our responsibility to ensure that the USB C port on the Asus zenbook does handle graphics display. So the device works as it it supposed to (Asus lied as well as this is clearly not ""Universal"") and the item is not in perfect condition so they will not return it. We accept this and unfortunately in the past couple of weeks we have received conflicting information on pricing. As such will no longer do business with Frontosa.

A little research also shows that they are 30% higher than market rates:
In stock pricing: Canon Laserbase MF735Cx Printer

  • Frontosa - R8,364

  • Rectron - R7,875

  • Wootware - R6,446.49
    ie Frontosa higher prices than retailer...
    Actually the sad fact is that this is really an Asus issue, they market this "Universal Docking" station and yet they don't enable graphics display on their premium Zenbook products, really? We guess that will be the last Asus laptop we'll be going for too...
    In the end we have this docking station, we did not force the customer to pay and we have absorbed this as a sunk cost. If anyone wants it please enquire, we have no idea what to do with it!
    NOTE: some three months later we see that FrontoSA are still selling this at riduculous price over R1600 PLUS it does not work on all laptops that DO have graphics display over USB-C! Triple fail Frontosa and Asus!